Monday, January 16, 2017

Revolutionary Dream

You try not to end up dead
Like your brother
You name rain after your mother

You fill empty space with haste
And never dwell on the taste
Of dead things

You gnaw away at your bones,
You bite down,
Your teeth break,
And when you swallow,
Your teeth and bones do a war dance in your belly

You now lay throbbing on the corner of a street

A little girl walks by and kicks your bone filled belly—
Like a pebble
Your belly skips and sputters
Into a ditch
And lands upon the head of a dead rat

The little girl skips away 
and never looks back


  1. "You name rain after your mother"... beautiful. thanks for sharing - I will be reading.

    1. Thanks a bunch :)
      I've been trying to figure out how to follow your blog... how would I go about that?

    2. Good question, I guess I don't know haha. I could add a "follow by email" gadget but that sounds more annoying than anything. I guess you could just bookmark it, which is what I've done for yours ^^

    3. I appreciate your honesty haha. I will bookmark it. My only issue is that I almost never go back to the things I bookmark :/ I follow some folks on here... I just can't remember how I went about doing it (it was so long ago haha)

    4. I figured it out. There is a follow gadget that you can add to your page. If you are interested in following someone who doesn't have it, you can go to the "manage the blogs i'm following" section and add the URL of the blog you wish to follow. I added you so all is well. I also added the gadget to my page so if you want you can just click the follow button :)

  2. Beautiful, haunting, tough poem, Birthday Woman! Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Lisa. I really appreciate you taking the time to read it :)