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Hello there,
I hope you are well.
My name is Yolanda Watson and I am current graduate of Smith College. I majored in Africana Studies (for literature) and English (for creative writing). I am passionate about music, poetry, the past, people, the present, places, and the mysteries of the future.
I started this blog some time ago because I wanted to write and share my work and words with others, but I had a hard time staying committed. I am realizing more and more that I need to examine what it is that I love to do and take the necessary steps towards making sure I am able to do it not just for pleasure, but for pay.
My ultimate goal is to have a career that allows me to be creative and free but that still challenges me to grow professionally. I would  love to someday be financially secure enough to travel the world while still being able to support my immediate family members.
I'm not sure how or if this blog will help me achieve these things, but either way:
I will be sharing some of my personal poems and short stories, music and book reviews, and Lifestyle/self-care bits. I hope that every post will somehow lead to some form of self exploration and growth. 


Yolanda Watson

How to find me on social media
Instagram: yo_yo-ameliorates
Facebook: Yolanda Watson
Linkedin: Yolanda Watson

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