Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Banana

A fit to consume banana had to be yellow with just the right amount of brown circle shaped ripe marks. It was not just his favorite fruit, it was an important part of his ritual. Every morning, before heading out the door for work, he’d eat exactly two bananas with a butter knife and fork in the most uncommon yet eloquent manner.One morning however, he found that his alarm clock did not wake and when he finally arose, he found that he was late. He had time for only one banana that morning; the banana that he did not eat, he placed in his briefcase to be consumed later that afternoon.
As he approached his office building, between Hudson and 3rd, he spotted a woman looking up as if trying to decipher if she were in the right place. As he approached her, she turned to him and asked, “Is this building 395?” and he replied, “Why yes, it is actually.” Her face immediately relaxed and as they were walking in together, she began telling him how she was to have an interview with a Mr. Jefferson. In reply, he simply nodded and smiled. 
They entered the elevator and pressed for the same floor. On the way up, her stomach growled, but to his surprise, she did not seem embarrassed nor did she apologize. Instead, she pointed to her stomach and said, “Don’t you dare ruin this for me,” and shook her head disapprovingly.As the elevator doors opened, she said her thanks and goodbyes and headed to the receptionist’s desk and he headed off to his office.
Five minutes later, his secretary called in and told him that his 9:30 had arrived and he replied, “Please, tell them to come in,” as he smiled to himself.
She entered his office and slapped herself on the forehead as she realized who he was. He greeted her with a smile and told her that she could have a seat. In front of her lay the banana, a butter knife, and  a fork.
“Wouldn’t want that stomach of yours ruining this for you now would we?”
She chuckled, he smiled, and something told her that she would get the job, but for the life of her, she couldn't figure out what he expected her to do with a damn butter knife and fork.

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