Monday, January 16, 2017

The Mask Now Hides

In between phrases
And systematic
Chaotic occasions

It sinks beneath the circumference of your pupils
Camouflaging itself amidst the
White space

Unbeknownst to dark-space
It knows its place

“Can you see me?”

Like you ain’t never had to change
Yo darkness into light
Like you don’t know what one or the other look like
Separated from complex difference and change

“I just want to be free.”

Like you aint been singin that same song
Scratchin at yo pores
Til they scared to bloom
Tryna get em to fix they pitch so maybe just maybe
Yo skin could sing a song that all the world would find beautiful

“Have a little compassion.”

Like you aint felt pain
Changed it's name
And still had to deal with the slippery slopes


You wander and wonder about the coming years
Hoping it’ll pass through your skin/tear out the shrieks and sobs of History
And leave you
and yo kin folk


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