Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Danny Severance Out Here Gettin It

I met Danny Severance in Brooklyn, NY at an open mic at the Street Poet's Den. I was a freshman in college and was just getting into the NYC poetry scene. I'd been invited to the event by this really awesomely sweet and smiley guy named Kevin who worked security at an Urban Outfitters near West 4th in the village.
The Street Poets Den seemed to be a place where folks were unafraid to express their love and respect for the arts and it had an interesting air of community. Danny was one of the house musicians alongside members of what seemed to be his band. I was automatically impressed by his stage presence and by how free he seemed to be; he sang, he danced, he belted, and he played the shit out of his violin. His voice and stage presence stuck with me. When Danny sings, he exhibits a kind of fearlessness; he is comfortable with vulnerability in a way that gives him room to expand outward and touch his audience.
I am now a senior in college and I have continued to keep up with  Danny's progression as an artist.
While I was on spring break, he dropped a track on soundcloud called "Time to Go." The track was created in collaboration with producer Charlie Scovill. It is one of many tracks that they have been working on, meaning there will be more to come.

The track is extremely melodic, almost meditative and Danny's voice flows extremely well with the instrumental. It is almost as if he is floating above a calm stream of water. There are no drastic changes in pitch or tone, which makes the song easy to simply vibe to.
Though the track is smooth and Danny's vocals calm and calculated, there does indeed seem to be a battle going on underneath the surface, which I found present in the lyrics.
With all the political madness currently taking place within the U.S and all over the world, it's hard not to want to checkout sometimes. I am not at all saying that this is what the song is suggesting, but there definitely seems to be some negotiating taking place between being aware of the world around you and being in tune with your own being and where you fit in in regards to all of the madness.
In other words, the song seems to give one a chance to reflect on current events and question what it means to be present.

You can find Danny Severance on:
Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Soundcloud

If you happen to check out the song, please let me know what you think. I'm sure Danny would appreciate it as well.


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