Saturday, March 25, 2017

I Got Me Some Wigs

I am officially the owner of two synthetic wigs, y'all!!
How it happened: One day, I was chillin in my friend Diandra's room and we just started messing around with her wigs. I tried a couple on and there was one that I knew I had to have. It was a kinky haired wig that looked really natural.
Since I have locs and I'm not one to do much with my hair, mostly because I'm not skilled in that area and I'm too lazy to take the time to learn, wigs just seem like a cool alternative. Not to mention, I'd been missing my loose natural hair so discovering this wig came at a perfect time.
Pic that I took when I tried on my friend Diandra's wig (AKA: When I fell in love). 
My friend Diandra combed her wig out when she got it so the texture of the hair, in the picture above, is different from the one I received in the mail. I wasn't surprised because she let me know and showed me pictures before I ordered it. 

Pic of me with the wig (straight out the package)
When I first put it on, I was shocked by how full it was. Though I was excited and loved it, I should warn, that is does shed quite a bit. Also, like natural kinky (4c hair specifically) it tangles quite a bit so if you are not a fan of tangles, you might have to put in some work. However, I don't mind the tangles and the shedding all that much. Lastly, the cap is pretty roomy. My locs are not super thick but I do still have to usually plait them and then put on my wig cap before putting on the wig. It is adjustable so no worries there. Overall, I've been loving it. 

Style #1
Style #2

Link to where you can find it is here.

I paid around $24 for the one I have and I got it in the color 1B. However, it looks like it has gone up a buck or two on Amazon, but in my opinion, that's still a steal. Also, if you have Amazon Prime, you don't have to worry about paying extra for shipping! So go on and cop you this here wig, child.  
Bonus Pic
Now the second wig is one that I purchased right before spring break. I didn't really end up wearing it because I was feeling the first wig way too much. The second one is a straight wig, which is probably why I wasn't feeling it as much. However, the texture is very much like that of 4c relaxed hair. It does tangle a bit, but that is an aspect that I like so I don't really mind it. The only thing that I dislike about the wig is that the lacefront is hard to work with. As a result, I had to often wear a headband because otherwise the lace would flip under and show all my business (haha). 
It also sheds quite a bit and I don't really like the way it's parted. I simply deal with the shedding by not manipulating the hair too much and, as it relates to the part, I kind of just create my own part by flipping the hair here and there until I feel that it looks and feels right.

I got this wig off of Amazon as well (link here). I purchased it for $29.99 in the color 1B, but, like the first wig, it seems to have gone up by a few bucks. This is kind of random, but I sometimes wish that I had gotten this wig in a fun color because it is straight and I have to wear it with a headband anyways, so my edges/the color of my hair doesn't even show. Regardless, it's a pretty decent wig.  

Wig #2

Bonus pic of me and my friend Diandra foolin around with her wigs.<3 b="" nbsp="">
Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think. Also, if you have further question, feel free to ask away. 


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