Sunday, January 29, 2017

Winter Break: NYC, Florida, and Georgia (semi mini tales)

The day after completing my last final exam, I hopped on a Peter Pan bus and headed home to NYC (brooklyn to be exact). I hadn't visited home the entire semester so I was really excited to see my family and friends. For the first couple of days, I slept like nobodies business (I had just completed a 22 credit semester, I was exhausted). Since my family in NY does not celebrate Christmas (or any holiday for that matter), I am going to skip to NYE.
My friends and I on NYE

For NYE I ended up going  to a bar in Manhattan (Keybar) with two of my really good friends; we had an absolute blast. That night was my first time rock'n out to House music and it was an all around dope first time experience.

Book I read on the plane
(Highly recommend) 
Me chill'n at my aunt and uncle's house 
 Shortly after NYE, I flew down to Florida to visit my aunt and uncle. It had been a whole year since I'd seen them so I was super excited. Although they were often working during my visit, I still got to spend a good amount of time with them. We engaged in endless conversation about the new president and how the world was doomed (jk, but we definitely watched a lot of news and talked a lot about current events).When they were at work I would watch Netflix, read, write, and take random naps; it was absolutely fantastic.

On Sunday the 11th, I went to Georgia to visit my cousin who also runs a blog here on blogspot. Though my visit was only for a couple of days, we spent a ton of time together. We went on a tour of SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) and then the next day we went back so that she could do a photoshoot for her blog. I had the privilege of directing and assisting the shoot which was such a great experience (and 2). After the shoot, we went to this really dope eatery called the Funky Brunch Cafe. I got a bomb veggie omelette, banana pancakes, and some fresh squeezed orange juice (best brunch spot I've ever been to).

Helping my cousin with her blog and pretty much everything we talked about that day is really what motivated me to get back to blogging consistently. So far, it has been a major pleasure and I am super glad that I decided to do it.
Blooper pic, from my cousin's shoot, that I captured
 After Georgia I went back down to Florida. Before heading back to my aunt and uncle's place, I went to visit my dad in St. Augustine; I stayed at his place for about a week. Though St. Augustine is beautiful in its  own right, but it's not a place that I would ever want to live (again). I was glad that I got to see my dad and some old and new friends, but honestly, visiting is always so strange. I always always end up feeling out of sorts when I'm there, almost as if I'm in The Twilight Zone and I hate feeling that way. Side note, The Twilight Zone is a pretty dope show, but I'm just saying.  
When the week came to an end, I headed back to my aunt and uncle's place and stayed there until I had to catch my flight back to NYC. The night before I was to leave, I was worried that my flight would be delayed because there was a tornado watch, but the rain stopped before morning and my flight was on time.
I flew Delta both ways
When the plane was flying into NYC however, it was raining and quite windy so we experienced some turbulence; there was a woman seated next to me who was completely terrified. She had been asleep for most of the ride because she took some sort of pill, but during the turbulence, she woke up and I thought she was going to puke (she didn't). It was weird because I wanted to comfort her somehow but I didn't really know how. It probably would have been super weird of me anyways, plus, when I'm like that, I usually prefer to be left alone so I decided to push myself up against the window in an attempt to give her as much room as possible. She was fine in the end, but as soon as we landed she called someone up on the phone and went off about how annoying the turbulence was (haha).
After being in NY for  two days,  I had to head back to MA for school. All in all, I had a pretty wonderful break. I reconnected with family and friends, I traveled (a lot), I slept (a lot), and I devoted time to reviving this blog. I am currently working on planning a trip to California for spring break. I will be sure to takes lots of pictures and document the entire trip so stay tuned for that.


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